Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Latest Invention: The Dorsavent Chef's Jacket (Satire)

I am proud to announce that I have invented a product that promises to revolutionize the way chefs look and SAVE MONEY by cutting laundry and wardrobe costs by 50%!  

The Dorsavent ( from dorsal  and ventral) is the  first reversible chefs coat that is designed so that the back is a mirror image of the front. Now when the front of  the jacket gets dirty, the chef does not have to change to a new jacket!  He/she merely takes the jacket off, turns the back to the front and voila! The chef looks clean again.

This jacket will be especially attractive to chefs who work double shifts and restaurateurs whose budgets are being squeezed by the drop off in business that has crept in behind the freeze-up of the global credit market.

And for chefs who feel like schmucks  walking around with buttons and food smears on their back, there is an optional cape (available in black and white). I'm a fraking marketing genius. Get used to it. 


Jon in Albany said...

You could include a "Phantom of the the Kitchen" mask with the cape.

Laurie said...

You had me until the cape part. You know, it's actually not a bad idea. :)

ArC said...

And if you can wear in inside-out, it's good for four wearings!

maurarose said...

The cape will never go out of style. Or will never be in style. It's...timeless?

Jennie/Tikka said...

Can't somebody just create a dispenser in the kitchen that has chef jackets in it?? Make all the closures velcro (get rid of all those stiff buttons). I hate stains - hate hate hate.