Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Food Science Out of The Box:

If you see marbling in pork you are less likely to buy it

Data from Experiment 1 indicate that an increase in IMF [Intra Muscular Fat or marbling] level is associated with an increase in visual perception of fat and a corresponding decrease in the willingness to eat and purchase the meat, when expressed before tasting.
However, if you eat the marbled pork you are more likely to like it

The latter effect disappeared after the consumers had tasted the meat, probably due to a positive effect of increase IMF, up to 3.5%, on the perception of texture and taste.
How cool is that?

ScienceDirect: Influence of intramuscular fat content on the quality of pig meat — 2. Consumer acceptability of m. longissimus lumborum


Jeff said...

Reminds of the time I was at Costco and there were 2 ladies pawing through the Ribeyes. They both repeatedly cast aside a pack of 4 ribeyes that were so wonderfully marbled that they looked like Kobe. As I stood to the side waiting my turn at the scrum I held my breath, hoping that they would find the pack of non-fatty steaks that they wanted and I in turn would get the cast aside pack.

I did! Both women looked at me like I had horns when I picked the pack of steaks up and put them in my cart. I think that they both ended up putting their previously chosen packs back and re-entering the scrum. I think that my excitement was palatable to them and they knew that they had chose poorly and wanted to rectify the situation.

Those were the best ribeyes I have ever had. I have never seen any meat like that again at Costco, or anywhere else for that matter at that price point!

Bob said...

Looks like a perfect example of tourists behaving like tourists.

Jeff, did Consumer Reports picking Costco as having the best supermarket meat influence your decision to shop there? Bravo to you for blazing a trail for those two nice ladies to swim in your wake.

Jeff said...

I did not know that Consumer Reports picked Costco as best supermarket meat. I usually just buy things such as paper towels by the gross, laundry detergent by the gallon, and wine there. Looking at Costco's website it seems that they do sell some fine beef, though a bit out of my price range! Maybe they accidently cut one of those up and threw it out in the case with the regular stuff!