Monday, January 12, 2009

[Blank] Rebrands Fish as 'Sea Kittens'

Following the series of setbacks to various animal rights groups to destroy the business of my friends at Hudson Valley Foie Gras, I've been staying away from posting on animal rights topics because frankly, I got tired of giving free publicity to those meddlesome twits. But this story about a certain animal rights group attempt to rebrand fish as "sea kitten" is too funny to pass up.

Look, I know that they are trying to make fish sound cute so that people will become squemish about eating them. But how dumb is it to try to dissuade people from eating fish by morphing them into the form of a carnivore that preys on fish? On balance, I suppose this campaign will get some traction with kids and adults who lack the ability to think ironic thoughts or those who would starve themselves before they would eat a house pet.

I've left the name of the group out of the header and link in an attempt to avoid helping to raise their profile. I'm also not linking directly to the group's page to deny them a direct back-link. If you want to see what this group has put together you can click the link to their site on the Ad Age site

Now That's a Whopper: [Blank] Rebrands Fish as 'Sea Kittens' - Adages - Advertising Age


Nancy Heller said...

As Groucho once said so eloquently: "It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."

The sea kitten thing, I mean.

Bob said...

I guess foie gras ducks will be relabeled "farm kittens."

Ulla said...

LOL! wow sea kittens? they have gone nuts. LOL! too funny.

Andrew said...

I'm glad I got to hear this from you, as opposed to some vegan friend of mine, because I'm pretty sure I would have had an aneurysm had that been the case.

LMH said...

Did you know you can go on the website and design your own "Sea Kitten"?

Seriously. And, the trout and salmon didn't even closely approximate what the actual fish look like.

Don Luis said...

I've always referred to game birds as "sky puppies".

Scotty said...

Well, at least they aren't running a contest for cooks to come up with Vegan Faux Gras -

Oh Well.