Monday, December 15, 2008

Template of Evil

If you have ever wondered how our great culture got to the point where we needed to debate how we should eat, then take a look at this vintage commercial for Chef-Boy-AR-Dee pizza mix. It's a veritable template for every bullsh-t corporate appeal to the public to give over its right to cook and eat handmade food. And after you have watched it, surf over to the host website and look at some of the other cons that helped to spawn one of the greatest rip-offs of American culture ever (Classic TV Ads).



Don Luis said...

Sorry, I deleted my last comment because of a couple of silly spelling errors.

There is no greater sin than Wonder Bread, although Chef Boy Ar Dee (spelled phonetically so Americans could pronounce it) is a close second.

However, I have a confession to make: I often (well, once a month) make Rice-a-Roni, adding a half pound of ground beef to the "beef" variety.

I also like the Alessi products; they have a porcini risotto that that tastes like porcini risotto to me, although you cook it like white rice (no stirring).

We also eat "Mac and Cheese". Whether by Kraft or Annie's it's the samt thing, Powdered cheese is an infamnia.

I have no excuse for my laziness abut mac and cheese; I know how to make a roux.

I want to cook, honest I do.

Bob del Grosso said...

Don Luis
I wasn't trying to make anyone feel guilty about using the stuff. I'm a chef not a priest. I know my place, by golly.

Bob said...

Leave it to Chef Bob del G to call out that shoemaker Chef Boy Ar Dee.

Did you notice that after they ate the pizza they didn't dance anymore?

Don Luis said...

I don't feel guilty. In a family of six, we eat what we eat. I want to cook better food because I think it would be better for my family.

Kevin said...

My mother used to make that.

Bob del Grosso said...

And I used to lust over it. Therein lies the evil.

Joseph Bayot said...

I remember when I was younger that my siblings and I used to crave TV dinners and other "foods" in the same ilk because we thought the kids who ate them everyday were cool.

Meanwhile, we were left with "boring" home cooked meals that our parents cooked for us every single day.

I'd like to think that I'm a little less ignorant or at least a little more discerning with the junk food that I crave. (I'm looking at you, Kettle Cooked Lays)