Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kodak Moment: The Miracle of Bacon

Christian the Apprentice inspires awe in a child with nothing more or less than bacon.


Chris said...

It's a beautiful thing.

Kate in the NW said...

Hey - kids are smart. Presents, bacon, fresh snow, friends, animals, watching the moon follow you home from the sleepy back seat of the family car.

As grownups, we complicate our pleasures waaaay too much.

Walt said...


Great picture. My 9 year old daughter feels the same way. Of course who wouldn't?

I pulled a pancetta out of the celler just last night. We had pancetta wrapped halibut with some nice cannellini beans.

Anyway, your picture shows some white (perhaps leaning to green) fuzzies at the top of your roll. I had the same issue.

Do you wash that off in a saltwater solution al a Ruhlman's "Charcuterie" or just trim it?


I have since sanitized my celler but have a proscuitto hanging that has a long way to go. (I hung it in August) I'm worried that it could have the same problem. Would you unwrap it and check now (might be a bit messy with all that lard) or leave it alone until finished and worry about it then?


Bob del Grosso said...

All of my salumi develops mold as it hangs. At first I'd take it down and wash it with salt water. But then the mold would grow back. So now I don't bother to clean it until it is ready for sale. (I use plain water for that.)

I've decided that as long as I am drying in the cheese aging room -which is loaded with many species of fungus- cleaning is pointless except on the rare occasions when I get orange mold (it discolors the meat) and fungi with long filament that penetrate the casings.

I have less experience with prosciutto, but I think that if I saw lots of mold on one I'd clean it off. They hang fro such a long time that I'd worry that the mold might transfer something of its flavor to the meat.

And there's no harm done by cleaning, ever. It's just not practical for me to do it more than once given the large quantity of stuff I have to produce.

Walt said...

Many thanks Bob,

The advice is greatly appreciated.