Sunday, November 2, 2008

How To Tie Salametti

e After I put up that short video describing how to crimp fresh sausage into links, it occurred to me that you might like to see how I tie up sausage that is destined to ferment and air dry. I'm sure there are other ways to do this, and I make no claims that mine is the quickest and safest method. But it does do a good job of keeping the links from unwinding, providing a tether for hanging and most importantly a "safety line" that keep the links from falling on the floor if the ligature (twisted casing) between the links breaks. There are few things that look more pathetic than a sausage that has broken free of it's siblings only to fall on the floor to lay in mute ignominy.

The video shows my lower torso and hands tying off previously crimped links of salametti (small salami) into a chain link which will hang from hooks in the drying room and longer "U" shaped versions of the same force meat that will hang from PVC tubing that I place across the rafters in the ceiling of the same room.


By the way.

Mike Pardus assures me that he will be back to blog as soon as he recovers from having fried his hard drive. It seems he pushed some keys in just the right sequence to send the thing into a death spiral. Who knew that such a thing was possible? Not me. That's for sure.


Tags said...

Hey tanks, Don del Grosso.

Salametti owes me a coupla Gs, and if he don't pay me back, this particular piece of instruction might come in handy.

Kanani said...

James Bond is on, and I'm sitting here watching some guy tie Salametti while listening to Take Five. I'm sure there's a deep meaning in this, but I'm afraid to ponder it.

Artfully done!

Walt said...


Thanks for the post, for me it was both timely and topical.

I started fermenting various sausages a few months ago and had taken to hanging them individually.

Tonight I'm stuffing some spanish chorizo and this video will come in handy.

Now if you could just figure out how to appease my wife when the guest room is cranked to 85 degrees and fermenting sausage is hanging in the shower...

Oh and your choice of Brubeck....Nice!