Friday, October 24, 2008

Resolving Focus

It feels like it is taking forever to finish. But our oven project is inching towards completion. I've been off the project for over a month to concentrate on building a custom meat butchery. However, Steve Crozier, an ex pat Brit and long time friend of the farm stepped up and took charge of finishing the masonry. Yesterday Steve -who was a bricklayer somewhere back in his long ago- laid the last arch of the oven vault and Trent, lit a fire to see how it drafted.

There is still a lot to do. Rebar has to be bent and laid over the roof of the vault. We have to build a form to hold the concrete that must be poured for the roof. Bricks for the front must be bedded, a chimney erected, the ledge around the perimeter finished and more. But it will get done and I predict that by spring we will be baking bread and roasting meat in this monster.

About the title
I had no idea what to name this post so I just pulled out the first words that came out of memory. "Focus" is Latin for hearth and it is resolving in that it is becoming what it is meant to be.

Whatever. I'm tired.


Ben said...
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Ben said...

Cool looking oven, Bob. How big is it inside? Is it big enough to roast a small pig? Regrettably, I haven't had the time to visit and check out what you guys have been up to. I will try to get out there soon.

MessyONE said...

The Boy was entranced with the oven. You've inspired him to put it on our "must have" list when we build on our retirement property. I suspect that he and his father (who's a mechanical engineer, a useful guy to have around in a family that builds its houses) will be perusing various designs this winter.

Visions of bread, pizzas, smoked salmon, and large mammals on spits are dancing through his head. I think I'll just have to hire someone to build my kiln shed. Sigh.

Chef Andrew Little said...


That hearth looks great!!! I hope to be able to come over and cook a meal in it sometime with you.


carri said...

We built an Allen Scott brick oven 4 years ago attached to our took ALOT longer than we thought to get it cured and really going economically and logistically...but now, we wouldn't do it any other way... We bake nearly everything we sell in it every day!
Good luck, your going to love it!

Bob del Grosso said...

Soory for the delayed response.
Yeah, it's big enough to roast a small pig, absolutely. Of course, would have to be killed first, the oven ceiling is not high enough to allow a standing pig.

Ed Bruske said...

we are thinking of an earth oven