Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pretzel Logic

As much as I consider myself a New Yorker (I lived there more than 50 years) the reality is that I live now live in a suburb of Philadelphia which, like the city that it exurbed itself from, is out of its mind with excitement over the coming contest between the Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays.
There seems to be almost as many Phillies logos arond town as there are political campaign signs. Anyway, today I was on my way to the local music store to drop off a French horn that we do not need because the school band has one to lend to my son when he switches from his regular instrument (trumpet) during certain pieces, when I noticed that the pretzel store (soft pretels are big stuff here) was selling pretzels shaped into the letter "P" -for Phillies, and not pretzel as you might assume in any other month.

Now, my son is a big Phillies fan and he loves pretzels. So I thought 'WTF, I'll get him one.' Of course, I have two kids so not wanting to leave my daughter (who loves pretzels but hates the Phillies) out of the equation, I bought two.

Flash forward to the return of my daughter, who is always ravenously hungry when she walks in, from school. After a brief hug and 'How are you" I grab the bag of pretzels and offer her one. Her response? "No thanks, I hate the Phillies."

Wow, if that wasn't ever a primer on how people will reject foods that they associate with a despised "other" I don't know anything.


Livert said...

And yet other groups in conflict do share favorite foods...Jews and Palestinians in Israel or Protestants and Catholics and Northern Ireland come to mind.

Tags said...

If there are any pretzels left, explain to her how there isn't any Phillies "itness" in the pretzels.

How could there be? The Phillies are in Tampa.

Ben said...

I would like to eat a big "p" made from scrapple(the Philadelphia breakfast of champions). you could even put ketchup on it artfully to keep with the Phillies spirit.
Hell, I'd eat some ray wing with some soy sauce and wasabi! Then again, I'd eat just about anything.

Robert said...

You might say that your daughter had some pretty twisted logic.

Tags said...

Got any more of those pretzels left, or did you already sell 'em on eBay?