Friday, October 10, 2008

Goodbye Summer Reverb

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Re: Goodbye Summer
From: MessyOne

"If there are raspberries at the farmers market on Saturday, I'll be clinging to summer for at least another week.

When I was a kid, my job was to pick the raspberries. There were three long rows, and it took a good part of the afternoon to do the job alone, but I didn't mind. It was always a warm, sunny day. I was always barefoot because the soil felt good and I don't even remember the prickles being an issue.

Generally there was no one around, so it was quiet except for the bees, and our tabby cat used to sleep in the middle of the rows because the ground was warm and the sun came through at the base of the plants. (Plus, the neighbor's cat wouldn't bother him there.)

If it was a good picking, there were generally about 5 two gallon ice cream pails at the end. We would freeze them to make jam later and keep about half a pail for eating on ice cream and cereal. I think I'd eat about that amount while I was picking.

Of course, if there aren't raspberries, I'll be making brussels sprout hash (bacon, onions, garlic, s&p and shredded sprouts) or cooking squash..."

From: Don Luis

"Ah, in Puerto Rico, we say "good riddance summer, and take the hurricanes with you". We've had panas (breadfruit) for a month now, and we're starting to get all the citrus we can use. Then come the acerolas (cherries). It's a bad year for platanos (plantains), but a good year for bananas."

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MessyONE said...

There were indeed raspberries in the market this week. It's also to be 82 degrees today, so I got my wish. They keep claiming it's the last week, though.

I wish I'd taken photos of the massive stacks of brussels sprouts. It was forest-like...