Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chilly economy fires up home cooking

Chilly economy fires up home cooking, experts say -and when experts talk, we all listen, right?


Maura said...

"NEWSFLASH: People are cooking in their kicthens!!"

But the high price of gas has her testing her cooking skills to save money, packing lunch for work and experimenting with dinner salads by microwaving frozen vegetables, mixing them with spinach and pouring ranch dressing on top.

Is that cooking? Maybe she needs to keep going out for dinner.

Bob del Grosso said...

It's all spin, all of it. Sigh.

Maura said...

It's not even good spin. Sigh indeed.

I've been wondering for a while now if there previously was a huge jump in people eating out instead of cooking at home. Maybe it's more prevalent in certain areas. But to me it's always felt more like "national crisis/the American family is falling apart" sensationalism.

I don't know anyone who eats out all, or even most of the time, and that includes people who have kitchens the size of shoe boxes.

That's just my experience, and is probably indicative of nothing except most of the people I know love to cook.

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