Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cow Gives Birth, AHA is Humbled

I continue to scratch my head whenever I think about what I do for a living. I mean, think about it. I love to cook and am endlessly fascinated by every detail of the process of preparing food for human consumption and consideration. And now I find myself working at a farm that produces amazing eggs, pristine milk, beautiful pigs, tomatoes, melons and potatoes you would marry if your religion or the law allowed it.
I suppose I sound (not atypically) overawed, but today I have an excuse: one of our cows calved and I got to see the whole process. Watching a calf being born is not as poignant as seeing your own kid come into the world, but its' pretty impressive. Especially when you consider (as I did today) that in a few months you were going to be turning the newborn into somebody's dinner.

Please check out the photos (below) I took today of a bull calf's birth. Also have a look at the quinoa harvest hanging in the barn and the masonry bread oven we are building.

I did not caption these pictures much, so if you would like clarification, just ask and I will answer.There's a lot of them (>70) and you will find them easier to view if you double click the slide show. That'll redirect you to my Picassa home page where they can be viewed in a larger format.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to you all for the warm and enthusiastic response to my dear friend Mike Pardus' posts. I don't know about you all, but I'm hoping that he continues to post here forever. Mike is a true hunger artist and someone whose voice deserves a much bigger audience than I or anyone I know can provide.


Mike Pardus said...

Bob- Between your praise and Maura's admission of official love, it's been a pretty heady day...all I can do is repeat my daughter's advice (which I've googled to attribute to Confucius) what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. I'm the luckiest guy I know - except maybe BDG, Ruhlman, and Bourdain...

Hey! Sierra(my daughter) and I get to work an event with Melissa Kelly tomorrow. Two of Sierra's past baby sitters are now sous for Melissa, so she's really excited to finally work with her...I'll take some pix and video and post something tomorrow night (or maybe Monday)

John M. said...

Bob, what a great film! How much time was it between the birth and when the calf rolled up? Was it lying as still as it looks in the pictures until then?

Bob del Grosso said...

It all happened pretty fast. I recon I took those shots over a period of 15 minutes. And yes, the calf was just as still as he looks in the still photo. (no pun intended)

Bob del Grosso said...

John, sorry, make that less than 10 minutes.