Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Snack on Rats to lower Food Prices

An Indian official has proposed that his fellow countrymen eat rats to reduce the price of food all over the world. His logic runs like this: Since rats consume 50% of the grain in the northeastern state of Bihar, eating them would save the grain for human consumptions and cause the price of grain to drop all over the world ?

Ahem, either something is missing from this AFP story or India is producing much more grain than I ever imagined. Doubtless he said -or meant to say- that eating rats would cause the price of grain to drop in India.
Whatever the truth of what he said is, I'm not serving rat for dinner until the economy collapses or I run out of mouse :-)

Rat snacks can solve world food price crisis: Indian official


Tags said...

I'm atill working up an appetite for lionfish

Tags said...

try it again but smaller

Deborah Dowd said...

This post makes me wish for the days of roasted penis(and did I think that was possible?!)

MichaelG said...

A bit off the current subject: I made your tomato sauce the other day and it was outstanding. I used a mix of Roma and Heirloom tomatoes (I forget what variety I planted) because that’s what the backyard had to offer. I’ve been screwing around for years working much too hard to make so-so tomato sauce. Simple, fast and delicious. Can’t beat it. Thank you.

I always thought the idea with eating vermin was that they would then become "overfished" and thus no longer be a pest. Call me when you buy one of those new Indian Tata Jaguars.

James said...

How does rat taste?

Bob del Grosso said...

I'm very glad that you like that recipe. I silently thank the woman I learned it from almost every time I make it.

I've never eaten rat myself but I understand from those who have that it does not taste like chicken :0

Ms. Glaze said...

I have a few in my New York apartment that he can munch on too, while he's at it!