Monday, August 11, 2008

A Ripe One

On a more cheerful note, last week I took down one of three big salami I made back in March. It's certainly not the best salami I've ever eaten, but it's pretty darn good. Frankly, I'm relieved its edible at all. I've never made a salami this big and I was really worried that the case would harden before the inside was dry (It didn't).

The salami is seasoned with fennel, garlic, black pepper and red wine, but it tastes mostly like nicely fermented pork -that's a good thing.


Chris said...

"My god, it's full of stars"

Sooo pretty.

More than anything I am jealous of the quality of your pig.

ntsc said...

You are working on a book aren't you?

Bob del Grosso said...

No, I was working on Ruhlman's ratio book for a few months, but I've got nothing of my own on the boards yet.

The pig that went into that was a good one. No special breed (Yorkshire) but a nice pig nonetheless. Damn, if that photo does not look like my brother Chris when he was a kid. That photo is of you, right?

ntsc said...

Well if you write one, I'll buy it and if it includes charcuterie I'll offer to home test.

Sausages and bacons this weekend. I was going to do a pastrami as well, but what I thought was brisket was chuck.

The best I can do on pork is Dietrich, not too far from you, and on your advice I'm hanging two hams this fall, one in a wine cooler my wife bought specifically for this. I'll report back in a year or so on that one.

I'm waiting for Ruhlman's ratio book to come out. He spoke to us in Cleveland about it, specifically on the subject of cookies.

Bob del Grosso said...


Leidy's has a Berkshire hog program going that is producing really good pork. I don't know if they will sell it direct to the public but it's worth checking out. The pork I sampled was very, very good. Not as dark as I like it to be, but heads and shoulders better than the common stuff.

ntsc said...

Zabar's which is just up Broadway from me carries some of their product. I'll get there soon.

They are also in a supermarket in New Jersey near me.


Deborah Dowd said...

Bob, your sausage looks great (and I mean that in the nicest culinary way!)