Sunday, August 3, 2008

Odd and Sods

Does foie gras belong on pizza? This blogger seems to think so.

If you are an obsessive type who loves to turn over every stone and turd in the intellectual field of engagement that appears following a proposition and it's first counterproposal, then you might enjoy this piece in Slate about honey and whether or not it is proper food for vegans.

I will be reviewing Human Cuisine, an anthology of essays, stories, poems and, you guessed it, recipes on the subject of cannibalism edited by Gary Allen and Ken Albala. In the meantime, you can prepare yourself with this true story of truly horrifying act of anthropophagy on a bus in Canada.

My good friend and former colleague, Chef Michael Pardus of the Culinary Institute of America, will be guest blogging here during his upcoming gastronomic pilgrimage to India. I'm not exactly sure when to expect his first post, so please check in regularly or subscribe to this blog to make sure you don't miss anything. Expect lots of pictures, some video and, of course, a view of the culinary landscape of India through the eyes of a natural-born chef.

Finally, I would like to leave you with these neat pictures of cattle. I took these last weekend at the farm of the fine people (I did not secure permission to use their names, so I will not post them.) who own Sheppard Mansion. I was told that they are Scottish Highland and Angus hybrids, and a few undoubtedly are, but others look more like pure Scottish Highlands to me -not that I know much of anything about cattle.

Whatever, they sure are cool looking, no? And yes, they do serve them at Sheppard Mansion.


Tags said...

I thought Pardus was in Cleveland. Are you sure you don't mean Indiana? It's right next door.

mike pardus said...

I'll be in Kerala,India- heart of the spice trade and multi-ethnic cuisines for over a thousand years. I'm hoping to be technically savvy enough to up load and post the visuals as promised...I'll try to start posting immediately upon arrival.

Chef Andrew Little said...

Just and FYI, we do use both a pure highland and a highland/angus cross and there may have been both in the field at the time of the picture. I'm very happy you were able to take such stunning photography of the animals in their natural environment. It certainly is a very amazing place!!!!

Linda said...

I couldn't really see any photo taken close enough to tell which ones were pure Scottish Highland and which were not. My good friends, Fred and Alice, have a 50-head herd of Scottish Highland, and that's the only beef I eat. They really are beautiful. Their manure also fertilizes my garden. I love their looks and they can be real characters.

Maura said...

To answer your question - No, foie gras does not belong on pizza. Neither do figs. It's peasant food, dammit.

blondee47 said...

ya ya well if u knew how long the bus ride is to toronto you'd get hungry too.

and maura, cheese does not belong on french fries with sauce either....les poutines c'est the most nauseating food one could or would want to eat-it boggles one's mind..