Saturday, August 9, 2008

Now that's what I'm talking about

You want to talk excited? Well, talk this: the first wave of the tomato growing season is about to hit the beach; these beauties washed up on my dinner plate on 8.8.08.

To hell with the Olympics, this is the big news of the day. The yellow tomato is from Trent's farm (HF&D) the red tomato and basil are from my garden. Life is good.
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Deborah Dowd said...

Getting a ripe tomato from the garden is as hard a delivering a baby- especially if you have squirrels, so enjoy!

fiat lux said...

woohoo! Bring them on!

MichaelG said...

I read your tomato sauce post the other day. What did you do about the skins?

John Kovalic said...

Bloody hell! Mine have been awful this year. I'm fried green with envy!

Bob del Grosso said...

I leave the skins on. The blender renders them invisible!

Linda said...

Yum, I just harvested my first yellow tomato. I've had beans for almost two weeks, the haricots verts, and have harvested at least 4 gallons of them. So far we just eat them, but soon I have to put them up for winter: dilly beans and plain old canned beans.

I just love growing my own food!