Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fish Hooks Man With Worm

By now many of you have seen this creepy story about the man who alleges that he was infected with tapeworm after having eaten allegedly undercooked salmon. Those of us who love raw and rare fish recoil from the idea that something we love, crave even, could possibly be a harbinger of something as horrible as a fracking tapeworm. But the truth is that it is possible to get tapeworm from eating raw and rare fish. So please be careful!

Lawsuit says eatery to blame for 9-foot tapeworm


lectric lady said...

I learned a long time ago that it is OK to eat raw ocean fish, but not raw fresh water fish. Most parasites of fresh water fish use mammals as one of their required hosts. Ocean fish parasites do not use mammals as an intermediate host, so their parasites do not infect us.

So, when I make ceviche, I only use ocean fish. If someone offered me bluegill ceviche, I would politely decline

An adult fish tapeworm would have been in the digestive tract of the fish he ate. He would only get a huge tapeworm in his own gut by eating the gut of the salmon, and without chewing it.

Sounds pretty "fishy" to me!

Robert said...

I noticed your second link was with Alberta Agriculture. Kind of neat - I did some consulting with them a few years back and their office is maybe a 25 minute walk from home.