Monday, August 4, 2008

El Bulli Sh-t or Not?

So this Swiss guy who is alleged to have decided to blow his life savings by eating at every 3-Star Michelin restaurant in the world and writing about his adventure, stepped away from his table at El Bulli to retrieve his business cards and vanished (POOF!) into thin air. The manager of El Bulli says he doubts that Henry Pascal, 46 simply skipped out on the bill because he left behind a notebook with menus that had been hand-written by three, 3-Star chefs.

But how does the manager know that the menus are authentic? And even if they are for real, are they worth as much or more than the 300 plus Euros of a meal at El Bulli? Me, I think that the manager is simply behaving like the premiere restaurateur that he was born to be and is trying to give the M. Pascal the benefit of his doubt.

But me? Well, I smell une rrrrrrrrrat Suisse!

Gourmet on tour disappears from renowned restaurant

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