Thursday, August 7, 2008

Caveat Eater!

I was just now reading Human Cuisine,Gary Allen and Ken Albala's recently published collection of essays, poems, recipes and (very) short stories on and about the subject of cannibalism. And while the book makes a great case that eating people can be fun and spiritually rewarding, it does not naturally follow that everyone is good for you. In other words, while most people are probably pretty nutritious and will not cause you to incorporate anything toxic or spiritually malevolent , others are pure junk food and should not be eaten.


Tags said...

Not so much veal as leaven.

A rising tied starter, so to speak.

Brian said...

probably one of the most randomn..and interesting food posts I've seen in a long time.

I bet Norm from Cheers would be tasty...just a thought ;)


blondee47 said...

hence the distinct difference between the species of man vs woman....i hope u don't intend to discuss the book's contents cause if y'a are, toot-a-loo till ur done 'bobby'

Joseph Bayot said...

I remember this bit by one of my favorite comedians, Daniel Tosh:

"...if you had to eat people to survive, do you think they'd taste like their ethnic backgrounds?"

cannibalism for thought


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a favorite song. I think it had a B movie to go with it as well:

Sittin' down in a restaurant,
Tell the waiter just what you want,
Is that the meat, you wanted to eat?,
How would you ever know?…
Hash browns an' bacon strips,
I love the way that you lick your lips,
No fooling, I can see you drooling,
Feel the hunger grow…