Monday, August 4, 2008

Career Advice for Chefs

"There are really no shortcuts to being a good cook. You have to cook a piece of fish a thousand times before you get it. You really have to put in the time." Charlie Palmer

"People want to do it the quick way, but it takes a long time before it's about you. I found it calming peeling the carrots. I enjoyed cleaning the fish." Marcus Samuelesson

"Unless you want a brain aneurysm, work your career so that in eight to ten years you are mostly off of the hot line ." Me


Rich said...


The reality is, the posted quotes, while specific to cooking, cheffing (sp?).....FOOD.....REALLY apply to more than that.

They apply to ANY professional career aspiration, living a life and prospering in both.

Great post.


Scotty said...

I'd add something to the effect of "if you are doing this to be the next [insert Celebrity Chef here]buy a lottery ticket. The odds of winning are greater and you are supporting education."

Linda said...

People do many meditative-like activities in order to keep focus on just one task and then do so to the highest level of concentration, e.g., yoga, jogging, tai chi, swimming, and so forth. For me, it's all about the cooking and the busier, the better, because the adrenaline rush feels so good.