Monday, July 28, 2008

Now This

This is just sad.

Apparently so few humans have been able to eat her cooking, that Rachael Ray has had to turn to feeding dogs to satisfy her creative ambitions. This seems "EVOO" on it's face, yet I suppose we should be happy that the dogs are finding her food "Yum-o." At least something wants to eat what she cooks.

But then again, dogs are fond of eating feces, rotten garbage and road kill. (I once had the honor of riding in a car with a dog who had eaten of a bloated harbor seal that had washed up on a Cape Cod Beach; it was a revelation.) so she better not let their appreciation for her cuisine go to her head. If Ms. Ray wants to be a good cook she still needs to work on her cooking skills and get over her dependence on the prepared foods that she slops out of bags and cans into her Rachel Ray branded pans.

Rachael Ray Launches Line of Super Premium Dog Food & Treats - MarketWatch


Jeff said...

If you ask me, the dog in that picture looks like it is trying to run away. So don't be so sure that the dogs do in fact like her cooking!

Tags said...

What do you expect from the girl who brought us "Thirty Seconds Over EVOO?"

Maura said...

I think Rachael likes dogs way more than she likes people, so I wouldn't worry too much about quality of the dog food.