Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Not the Slowest Food, but it's a Meal

I doubt that I will ever cook a meal that is made up exclusively of ingredients that I produced by myself, but it's fun to dream about doing it and even more fun to try. This meal contains only two elements that I had a hand in producing (sausage and bread) but when one considers how easy it would be to order a pizza, eat it at home, and call it "dinner" this seems like a pretty decent achievement.

It's even got a few local ingredients in it too. I made the sausage from pigs that were raised on the farm where I work (Hendrick's Farms and Dairy), the onions are from the farm too, some of the lettuce in the salad is from a farm about 10 miles from my house. The rest of the meal is from all over the planet. The wine, cheese, pasta, and radicchio are from Italy; the artichokes are from California, and so on.

Well, like I wrote above, it may not be a meal that would make Michael Pollan or Carlo Petrini call me up to ask how the hell I pulled it off, but it is a little bit slow and kind of local and most importantly. It's a meal that I got to eat with my family.

Eventually, time is going to rob us all of the opportunity to sit down and eat with those we love. If you find yourself making up excuses for not making dinner, you might want to consider how you are going to feel when you no longer have the option to cook for yourself or anyone you know.

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Kevin said...

Very cool. And slow enough as far as I'm converned.