Friday, July 11, 2008

Man robs station with cheese grater

Now why didn't I think of this when I was broke? I cannot imagine!

This is almost as funny as the news story I heard about 16 years ago while traveling on the Long Island Expressway from Queens into Nassau County.

This guy was in a phone booth at Flushing Meadow Park (the site of the two World's Fairs) when he was approach by another guy with a big snapping turtle. The guy with the turtle taps on the door and when the caller opens it the turtle-man tells him to hand over his wallet or the turtle bites him. The turtle-man got fifty bucks!

Man robs station with cheese grater


Tags said...

The cheese grater is a multitaker.

Who knew?

Tags said...


Jennie/Tikka said...

"Gimme all your money or I'm gonna grate ALL your cheese!! I mean it - I'll do it! I've grated cheese doesn't scare me!!!!! I'll even grate the semi-soft stuff that isn't mature yet - I've got no shame!!! I've done time at the Food Network - you can't scare me!!!!"

(Excerpt from the conversation that must have taken place while the guy was robbing a gas station with a cheese grater.)

Did the guy behind the counter produce a 200 lb. wheel of Jarlsberg or something??

Ulla said...

Actually the idea of a deranged man with a cheese grater IS pretty terrifying!