Monday, July 28, 2008

Classic Win at Chicago

We had some excitement at Hendrick's Farms and Dairy last week when within a couple of hot Friday afternoon hours, 3 of our hogs came back from the dead (1) in boxes as loins and bellies and bags of ground meat and we learned that Trent and Rachel had won a 3rd place prize at the American Cheese Society's annual competition in Chicago. As a relative newcomer to the farm and the world of cheese making in general, I thought I'd ask Trent to write a few words explaining the significance of the competition and the win.

The American Cheese Society is the premier guild of cheese makers, we have won many awards from their annual competition. We entered the farmstead division this year because that is the heart of the show, and is where the most heated battles occur. The judging is point-based on technical and aesthetic attributes, and if the total value of the points awarded to the highest placed cheese does not reach the 90th percentile, then the next best cheese in that class will be awarded second prize. So it’s a serious event. The US and world championships are larger, but the ACS is top shelf.

We won gold at the US show for a goat cheese 2005, but the blue we got at the ACS in 2006 meant more. ACS allows for more creativity then the other shows and attracts more artisans, the other shows attract more dairy companies. We only sent two chesses (Telford Tomme and Keystone Classic) this time in Farmstead under 90 days and farmstead over 90 days. In 2006 we came in 2nd in both. Next year we’ll do better.

Hendricks Farms and Dairy Keystone Classic

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