Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bennigan's Restaurants Shut Down Nationwide

This might be cause for celebration if there was reason to believe that it was the beginning of a long trend. And, of course, we don't like to read about people losing their jobs.
Bennigan's Restaurants Shut Down Nationwide


Tags said...

I'd rather they closed half the McDonaldses.

But I'll take it.

Don Luis said...

What can you expect when all these new Food Network shows are teaching people how to cook really good food at home?

Now, I'll only eat out at the really high-end restaurants, like TGIF and Red Lobster.

Austin Chu said...

I work for a company that manages and tracks gift cards, and I've been following retailers filing for bankruptcy on savvywallet.com. Ponderosa and Bonanza are still accepting Metromedia gift cards. I'm not sure about franchise owned Bennigans's. My advice? Go spend your gift cards, we simply do not know how long they will be accepting them. Don't forget The Sharper Image incident: $25m in unused gift cards.

John said...

So, let me guess: You've never been in a Bennigan's nor a Steak and Ale. So this is just schadenfreude.

read this:http://www.bynkii.com/archives/

And remember that not everyone who wants a night out can eat at Per Se.

And Tags, if you think they were on a par with McD's, you know very little about either. Nor about most restaurants buying policies, I'd imagine.

Bob del Grosso said...


If you are addressing me with your first comment my answer is "Yes" I've been to Bennigan's but not Steak and Ale.

I've also eaten at TGIF (sucks), Outback (not bad),Smokey Bones (very good), Burger King (sucks), Taco Bell (boring), Subway (okay), Blimpie (okay), Domino Pizza (horrible), Pizza Hut (disgraceful), Uno Chicago Grill (not too bad), McDonald's (I've never had a burger but the rest is like Burger King, sucks), Macaroni Grill (horrible), The Automat (amazing), 7-11 (creepy), Dunkin Donuts (so-so),
Starbucks (the coffee is all burnt), Nathans (good hot dogs!)
Countless Sabrett stands in NYC (killer hot dogs), White Castle (horrible) and many, many other fast food restaurants.

I've eaten out of vending machines when I was broke and I've pulled food out of trash cans. I've also eaten Sloppy Joe mix form a can, canned ravioli, and government rations when my family was living on food stamps.

I've been to all of the fast food places mentioned above more than once and in some cases so many times I cannot even begin to count.

And I have never been to Per Se.

I'm a chef who believes that everyone should try to cook their own food as often as possible. Am I also supposed to be an advocate of fast food?

Don Luis said...


I think if you were to advocate fast food, it might ruin your reputation (and perhaps your career).

I would add to your list: Olive Garden (appalling) and Chili's (better than Olive Garden).

I've also never eaten at Per Se, and have no desire to do so.

These days, I eat at restaurants twice a year or so; almost all my food is cooked at home. Of course, I live in a relatively poor place now, and there simply aren't many restaurants around.

Bob del Grosso said...

Don Luis
I'd love to eat at Per Se, but not until I can find someone to pay for it.

My friends tell me that it is fantastic, a real triumph of taste and skill. I don't give a crap about the snob value of such places, but I do love to experience great work!

Tags said...

Take a deep breath, John.

It was a joke.

But if they closed half the McDonaldses, the world would be a lot better off, especially po' folks.