Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wolfgang sues Wolfgang

Judge chops celebrity chef Puck's steakhouse suit in California tells the sad story of a court fight between Wolfgang Puck and Wolfgang Zweiner who has been using name "Wolfgang" for his restaurant in Los Angeles.

It seems that the more famous Wolfgang believed that the less famous famous Wolfgang was trying to trade on his famous name, trick his customers into thinking that they were eating at a Puck-haus and injure them with inferior food. What makes this story so sad for me is that the judge sided with the second Wolfgang and now the first Wolfgang is probably NOT GOING TO SLEEP AGAIN AS LONG AS HE LIVES KNOWING THAT THE SECOND WOLFGANG IS DECEIVING HIS POOR CUSTOMERS.

This is so pucked-up.


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Jennie/Tikka said...

Wow - is Mozart next on his list???

ntsc said...

Why do you think the play and movie were titled Amadeus?

Tags said...

Rock me, I'm a Deus!

Ray's Pizza, anyone?