Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last Night's Dinner

From the moment I read Michael Ruhlman's inspired post, Staple Meals, wherein he asked what his readers prepared for dinner at home on a regular basis, I wanted to respond but because I thought that he was asking too much decided I'd just not bother. But then tonight, after a glass of wine, I decided to pull out the camera and shoot some of the construction of a meal that is very typical at my home. It's nothing especially complicated. Just some artichokes from California, a chicken from a local Chester County farmer that my wife bought at the farmer's market, and some fried potatoes.

The artichokes were parboiled, salted and oiled and finished on the grill prior to being slopped around in garlic, lemon and more olive oil. The Chicken was pre-salted for three hours, seasoend with fresh sage under the skin, black pepper on the surface before being grilled. And the potatoes are skin on, cut on a mandolin and blanched at 350 and finished at 375.


french tart said...

hot damn that sounds good!

Shannon said...

That looked like the best supper.

How difficult was it to start growing asparagus. I've been doing some research thinking I can start it for next year. I know it takes a few years before you can start picking.

Oh, and thanks for making artichokes. I never bought them because I didn't know how to prepare them. But, how do you eat them?