Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Unfortunate Names for Restaurants

Some restaurant names are so weird that I wonder how anyone could even think of walking into them, let alone order food. I don't know, perhaps I'm overly sensitive to the sound of certain words and their literal and implied meanings. Or maybe I just think too much about the wrong things. Perhaps I should lighten up and not invest so much of my exiguous intellectual capital in thinking and the meanings of words. Maybe I should get a life. Nah...

Here's a very short list of names of restaurants that make me wince. Please feel free to add to the list.

The name may be a combination of the chef Willie Dufresne's initials and the street number of the restaurant but it's much too close to WD 40 a fabulous highly inedible, petroleum based anti-corrosive spray lubricant. I've used so much WD 40 over the years that when I see or think the name the smell becomes palpable. There's no way I'm going to sit at WD~50 and not be thinking of the sickly sweetish aroma of WD 40.


Is a relatively new restaurant in Philadelphia that is currently receiving some very nice press. I wish then the best of luck but I doubt that my inner 14 year old would be able to sit through a meal in a restaurant with a name that evokes, Ahem, the peristaltic contractions of the esophagus.

Buca di Beppo

Buca is Italian for hole and Beppo is a nickmane for Giuseppe (Joseph). So Buca di Beppo is literally "Joe's hole."

Frankly, I am unmoved to know that buca also refers to basement.


ntsc The Art of The Pig said...

Swallow doesn't bother me, and I couldn't translate the Italian anyway, but I've had the same thoughts about WD-50 myself.

Tags said...

Scotty said...

See, I have always wanted to open a Restaurant called "Painful Rectal Itch" because with a name like that it has to have great food. Rest quietly St. Belushi!

Chad said...

My favorite unfortunate name is from a short lived Wichita, KS, restaurant called Coli. Yep, you read that right. The owner insisted that it should be pronounced with a soft C as Soh-lee. Here's the lead from the Wichita Eagle's coverage:
"CHEF'S GUT FEELING: YOU WILL LOVE COLI -- When opening a new restaurant, it might be a good idea to pick a name that's not associated with a well-known illness-causing bacterium. But that didn't stop Michael Cook, who is opening Coli at Douglas and Market.

Cook isn't worried about comparisons to E. coli, though. "I never really thought about it too much because the level of food is so serious," Cook says."

Perhaps he should have thought about it. The restaurant closed a couple of weeks later.

Tags said...

No doubt reopening as the Cancer Cafe.

(pronounced sank-her)

Crazy Raven Productions said...

*I have to*

Avoid the alfredo. I hear it's too salty.

*hates self*

Jennie/Tikka said...

The parties responsible for my horrid externship in Pasadena were also responsible for an equally horrid restaurant name in the St. Helena area (as in where the California C.I.A. is located):


To explain - its in wine country. There's a big cartoonish picture of a turn-of-the century grape stained foot on the front of the restaurant, too.

These are the geniuses who complained about me because I "Did too much work and made the lazy employees look bad."

Shockingly, it closed after a year of business.

Don Luis said...

I'm sure it's long gone, but there was a great Italian restaurant in Brooklyn called Polios.

And St. Belushi gave is much, but not "painful rectal itch". O'Donoghue wrote it, and Chase said it.

Scotty said...

Don Luis, I know at 50 memory fades, but Belushi was in that sketch - wasn't he? Maybe "Death Camp" or "10,000 nuns and orphans"?

Don Luis said...

Actually, it was "Dog Vomit" and "Monkey Pus". And yes, Belushi was in the sketch, and yes, he was a saint. Like Zappa, Hendrix, and Lennon, he left us far too soon.

Bob del Grosso said...

Santo Giovanni (Belushi) LOL -that's rich Don Luis.

Gary Allen said...

A favorite restaurant name -- for a long-gone place on Catherine St. in NYC's Chinatown: "Hwa Yuan."

I like to imagine that the name came from a surly waiter impatient with an endless supply of white devil tourists.

Jenn said...

I have to add my favorite. It's at Disney of all places in the Animal Kingdom park.
Yak n' Yeti
I can't even type it without thinking of a giant animal barfing all over the place. I understand it is named after a famous hotel, but still if Disney isn't the king of marketing who is. Not sure how this one made it through all the layers.

Anonymous said...

if you type fuk mi in a google image search, there is a sushi restaurant somewhere named that. Not sure if it is a doctored photo though