Saturday, May 17, 2008

Raw Deal on Raw Milk

This is not a joke

Vermont law makers recently passed a bill doubling the limit on the sale of raw milk from 25 quarts to 50 quarts per day; and lifted the groundless ban on advertising. At $5 to $7 a gallon, 50 quarts per day is still just a small step in significantly affecting the viability of Vermont farms however, it is a leg-up. [Source]

But it sure sounds like one to me. Fifty quarts a day is next to nothing. Why doesn't Vermont simply make it legal for dairies that pass inspection to sell raw milk and let the public decide how much milk it wants to buy?

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Tags said...

If you think raw milk should be limited because of risks, why put anyone in danger?

If you think raw milk is safe enough for 50 buyers of quarts, why impose limits?

Sounds like they're "taking action" so it'll look like they're "dealing with the issue."