Friday, May 23, 2008

Not Quite Junk

The newest challenge to my "I show you mine: You show me your's" kitchen junk drawer throwdown comes from FiatLux.

My unsolicited assessment:

This only qualifies as a kitchen junk drawer in the sense that it's loaded with junk. But it has far too many kitchen tools in it, and what's worse, is that it is too well-organized: the nested measures, the basket full of like-sized tools, the knives all pointing northward. Clearly the drawer's creators realize that the best way to avoid large increases in entropy is to expend a bit of energy to maintain order (WTF am I trying to say?)

On the bright side:

The only thing that does not belong in a kitchen drawer (and so counts as a point towards making this a true kitchen junk drawer) is the bulb syringe, which I believe is used in animal breeding.

1 comment:

Skawt said...

Um, actually, pretty much everything in that drawer is used for food prep. The syringe bulb has a needle attachment for doing brine injections. I also use it to remove all of the good liquid for a sauce and leave the fat floating on top - especially useful when I make my braised lamb.