Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Junk

Keys that know no locks, cheap screwdrivers (no one ever puts good tools in kitchen junk drawers) batteries, booklets that should have been tossed or burned years ago and a femur pen. And, unless you factor in the symbolic value of the nylon spinal cord, not a trace of anything that has anything to do food or cooking. These drawers, by the family of Val and Phil, are classic species of the genre of kitchen junk drawer.


Crazy Raven Productions said...

The only reason we DON'T have a kitchen junk drawer is the fact that we have absolute crap for storage space in the kitchen. Every drawer and cabinet is packed full of our kitchen gear, and we store some of the lesser-used stuff in the basement. So, we have to settle for the rest of the freakin' house as our junk drawer.

Cameron S said...

Thankfully we cleaned out our kitchen junk drawer last year. It was a reminder of how 99% of our life can be neat and tidy but some things slip into nothingness.