Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hunger Art

If A Hunger Artist has been quiet it's because I've been cooling my heels in London and have, until now, been too busy trying to make sense of this place to post.

Today I ran across a painting by Max Beckman at the Tate Modern (which is housed in an old power station but could easily be mistaken for a gigantic crematorium) that seems to have gotten so deep into my skin that I will probably be only a little bit surprised if something horrible and bone-cracking hatches out sometime between now and the next sunrise.

The painting, titled Prunier after the Parisian restaurant of the same name, shows three people eating mess of lobster as if they are eating the last meal of their lives. And they very-well might be doing just that. Beckman, a German, painted this while he was living in Holland where he had fled to avoid having to live under the govenment of Hitler. But then the Nazis took Holland, and by the time Beckman painted this in 1944, food rationing had taken it's toll and most people were very hungry indeed.


Ulla said...

Wonderful! There is a lot of emotion in that painting. Longing even.

JunkyPOS said...

NICE!! Is it raining in London???

Lobstah yum!!

I'am shell-shocked...