Saturday, May 17, 2008

Foie gras protest draws 80

About 80 protesters upset about the repeal of Chicago's foie gras ban are holding a candlelight vigil outside City Hall Friday night.

Besides candles, the demonstrators also are holding up signs with photos of ducks that were overfed to produce foie gras. One grisly photo showed a duck with a beak that allegedly was broken when a feeding tube was jammed down its throat.

The signs read: "Delicacy of despair" and "Too cruel to swallow."

But not many people are around to notice the protest, which began hours after City Hall closed for the week.

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Nancy Heller said...

Whenever someone kvetches about foie gras, I ask them what they think of the way turkeys are raised for the mass market. When they say they haven't a clue, I tell them how turkeys are bred to have breasts that are so unnaturally large that they animals can't walk properly or mate, which makes for an unnatural, miserable existence. Unlike the foie gras ducks, who live a happy, relatively natural life because they live to gorge.

BTW - I've got some photos of an exquisite, perfectly cooked three ounce hunk of foie gras (over French toast, Pear puree and pomegranate syrup) from Restaurant Dante last week (that would be Chef Dante Boccuzzi, formerly of NY).