Saturday, April 19, 2008

Team Work

It was hot in the kitchen on Friday, but not nearly as hot as it was outside. I clocked 90 degrees on my way out the door at 3:15PM. By that time, Trent had been out with his team disking this field for about three hours. I'd feel sorry for the boy if I did not know that he was having some grave fun working his team in the hot sun.
Note how much dust is being kicked up. The soil is pretty dry already, and I'll bet the subsoil is not much damper. We had very little rain and snow in PA this winter and it ain't raining much this spring. I hope we are not looking at another drought summer.


Ulla said...

So Amish!
Do you not have tractors on the farm?

ntsc said...

Horses don't burn gasoline and they have more horses. Something the tractor has yet to manage.

Bob del Grosso said...


No tractors, all the tillage and planting is done with horses and horse drawn machines.

Just wait: it won't be too long before we have self-replicating machines. And then won't you be chagrined! :-)