Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Second Litter of Pigs

This video was taken mid-morning last Thursday (3/27/08)at Hendricks Farms and Dairy. No one was around when the second litter was born, so we are not sure of exactly when they emerged. But from the look of the piglets, the absence of any placental material on them or in the pen, I suspect that they were born several hours prior to when this was shot.

A few words of explanation about the sound track and cast

When the video starts you hear me say "F--k you. I'll eat you; get out of here." to a sow who has become much too interested in the smell of my pants and shoes (I work in a kitchen remember.)

The fellow who appears to be enthralled by the new mother's nesting behavior is someone who comes to farm out of love for cooking and farming, Christian Spinillo (aka Christian the Apprentice). He's a terrific help to me and a great guy, and I think his lip ring is really cool -I'm really open minded; ask anybody!

The other human being in the video is Trent Hendricks who, given what he has already accomplished (created a state of the art raw milk dairy; taught himself to farm and make raw milk cheese and sell thousands of pounds of it a month; hired me) deserves to be more well known.



Scotty said...

That's a nice video, Bob. I appreciate the insight. What I found most intriguing is that one of the ads Google generated for the videois for this site http://www.goveg.com/f-top10pigs.asp?c=pork1209&gclid=CNaQ5M3NupICFQE6xwod5kzWbg. And it's not an April Fools Day joke!

Tags said...

And the same Humane Society of the US advertises (via Blog Her) on Ruhlman's site.

Tags said...

That is the same HSUS that unsuccessfully sued Hudson Valley foie growers.

boberica said...

Pretty wonderful!
I'm surprised the moms aren't more protective than they are, I've heard that the berks can be...not so welcome..to visitors to the new piglets. Something great that you're all a part of in Pennsylvania.

the vegetarian said...

Aww...so touching the way the mama is so proud about making her nest! She totally *trusts* you guys, sniff ;_: