Tuesday, April 22, 2008

French Small Fries Fight Big Cheese

Big cheese companies in France tried to claim  that their mass-produced pasteurized, machine-made camembert should be given the same official status as camembert that is made by traditional methods. Now, according to some artisan cheese makers,  Gros Fromage may be resorting to dirty tricks after the court refused to allow them to put the   Apellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) designation on their product.

"In recent weeks, the biggest industrial producer, Lactalis, told authorities that dangerous bacteria was found in a batch of AOC raw milk camembert produced by Reaux."


So perhaps Lactalis did find "dangerous bacteria" in the raw milk cheese.  Given how little of the the stuff there is, the average French consumer is far more likely to get sick from putting his fingers in his bouche during his toilette  than he will from eating contaminated raw milk cheese.  I think that Lactalis' motive for broadcasting that it's tiny rival's cheese was contaminated,  was probably designed to make it's product appear "superior" to the public and not deliberately aimed at undermining the Reaux AOC cheese. But it still stinks like Velveeta.

I hope that the French public is smart enough, and proud enough of their cheese making heritage that they don't fall for this crap and let yet another cheese go extinct.

Small farmers fight dairy giants over the future of French cheese


Chris said...

It's shameful what the food conglomerates will try to make a couple extra thousand bucks a year.
As a cheese lover who has not had the opportunity to travel to France yet and try some of the amazing raw milk cheeses that I lust for, I hope that the artisan fromagiers do succumb to such despicable tactics.


Chris said...

Crap... Spell check doesn't check incorrectly used, but correctly spelled words... My comment should so "does not succumb" not "do succumb"

Tags said...

You're more likely to find dangerous germs in Lactalis than nutrients. They claim health benefits for the nutrients they pasteurize out, just like all big food conglomerates.

ntsc said...


You will be able to find some amazing raw milk cheeses in Canada and I thought Bob's place used raw milk.

It produces amazing cheese and sausage. And the beef looked wonderful, however I already had a trunk full of pork and no longer a pocket full of money.

"I will return"

Bob del Grosso said...

Yeah, Hendricks Farm and Dairy is raw. All the cheeses are raw milk cheeses.