Monday, April 21, 2008

Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World

The rush to turn grain into biofuel is having lots of foreseen consequences. So far there continues to be food riots in 3rd world nations, heightened pressure on indigenous plants and animals as more land comes under cultivation and now playing in supermarkets near you: Food Rationing!

Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World | The New York Sun

Seems like the only good news is that some of the farmers who grow grain and making money.

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Jennie/Tikka said...

This really worries me -- because when people ask me what disaster supplies they should have, the first thing I always say is "Buy 20 lb. bags of rice."

Without having things like this and beans on hand in people's personal disaster supplies, your only alternative during disasters is all the processed, fatty, salty, sugary convenience foods that the relief organizations are going to offer.