Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10 Things Celebrity Chefs Won't Tell You - AOL Money & Finance

Not much to disagree with here although regarding number 4 made me wonder if anyone thinks "foodies" (Jeeze, that's a creepy word.) are any more or less interested in sex than say, Trekkies or those funny Furry people who dress up in animal costumes and go on cruises together.

1. "I'm a celebrity first and a chef second."
2. "There's absolutely no reason to buy my cookbook."
3. "Just because I have a cooking show doesn't mean I'm a chef."
4. "Sex sells, even with foodies."
5. "I'm addicted to porn -- food porn, that is.
6. "The dishes I make on TV don't always work so great at home..."
7. "...and sometimes they're just plain gross."
8. "It might be my restaurant, but that doesn't mean I cook there."
9. "My show is one long commercial for my cookbooks."
10. "Bottom line: My celebrity status is great for business."

10 Things Celebrity Chefs Won't Tell You - AOL Money & Finance


Crazy Raven Productions said...

Foodies are perfectly normal in the bedroom! Except, instead of Ready-Whip, they use fresh raw cream from a cow they have personally met, skimmed that morning, and cane sugar they pounded and dried themselves. And strawberries picked from local organic farms. And chocolate syrup from Dutch processed cocoa and Madagascar vanilla raised by Trappist monks in the jungle away from any possible non-organic contaminants.

Chris said...

That has to be one of the funniest comments I have ever seen.

I like Anthony Bourdain's take on the current crop of network TV celebrity chefs.

Bob del Grosso said...


Tony Bourdain is the food word man. He has it all tied up. He's my generation's Ludwig Bemelmans.