Saturday, March 15, 2008


If anyone has identified the name and utility of this weird fork thing please let us know. Life has to go on, we all have to eat and sleep, tend to our gardens and flocks and breathe, yet none of this is possible until we know what this thing is.


The Foodist said...

Funny thing I was just thinking about this last night. I sent out another email to the guy I talked to before about it because I havent heard anything from them yet..

This things like a bad itch..

Scotty said...

Funny thing here too. Mike Andrzejewski, IMHO the best cook in WNY, posted this on my blog yesterday:

I'm Betting it is a pastry tool. Crimping dough edges with tines or scraping the edge of a pie dish with the cresent . Mike A.

As good a guess as any.

Tags said...

It's a UFO... unidentified forked object.

Did anybody ask the History Channel yet? They have a lot of shows about UFOs.

ntsc said...

I was watching an old Julia Child French Chef Saturday. So old it was black and white. 'The Potato'

She used an implement very much like half of that (only one set of tines) as a potato masher.

To change the subject. I've several sausages hanging in a cold space, some of them have developed a white mold, not fuzzy. These sausages (all Ruhlman/Polcyn - if you want me to try yours you have to have recipes) need to hang for anywhere from 4 to 14 more days, more or less.

I'm inclined to leave the mold alone, what think you?

Bob del Grosso said...


Me think you should leave mold alone. It taste good, like mushroom.

Seriously, it's fine. If you see green mold or fuzzy brown stuff scrub the sausage with a strong brine solution (about 20% salt). That should prevent it from returning.

mimi said...

omg dad you are officially.....weird...why would you eat mold.....= P

Sharon said...

did you find the answer for this mystery> Gnocchi fork?

Bob del Grosso said...

No, nothing definitive. But then I gave up the cause a long time ago...