Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Next Top Chef?

Paul Redman, one of my students from the Culinary Institute of America who himself teaches future chefs in Seattle, informed me today that a classmate, Dale Talde, is going to be competing to be the Bravo networks' next Top Chef. It seems strange to me that I remember Dale out of thousands of students that passed through my classroom. And it is very gratifying to know that he is still out there, like Paul, fighting the good fight for the craft.

Regular readers of this blog probably know that my interest in cooking competition is tepid at best. So tepid in fact, that last season I had to force myself to watch "The Next Iron Chef" when my good friend Mr. Ruhlman was on as a judge. But force myself I did, and I suppose I will do the same when Dale has his moment in the sun.

Good luck Dale!


redman said...

thanks for the plug Bob. I too was struck by how Dale appears not to have aged in ten years. The other thing I found reassuring is that the things Dale talks about in the bio video are essentially the same sentiments he voiced way back when.

Joseph Bayot said...

Ah this video makes me want to watch the next Top Chef, even though I've never been much of a fan.

Firstly, I'm Filipino and it was great to hear someone mentioning kare kare, a dish that I love, and also talking about the importance of food in the Filipino tradition.

Secondly, this guy really seems to have the right ideas and his head on straight about his cooking and his ideas.

Thirdly, he's a cook in New York City, a mile away from my home in Jersey City. I definitely feel a loyalty towards New York City cooks. I hear there are a lot of them in this year's competition.