Sunday, March 16, 2008

Neat Cuts

Watch Shirley Cheng, my former colleague at the Culinary Institute of America, bone out the thigh and leg of a chicken with a cleaver. The video is not great and the real action is brief but I assure you that you will be impressed by her technique.


The Foodist said...

Chef Cheng has undoubtatly the most amazing knife skills Ive ever seen in my life. I remember way back when students running down the hall to catch her deboning demo of a whole chicken.

She can do them so fast your heads spins.

Joseph Bayot said...

Wow that is impressive.

I'm glad she talks about the importance of repetition, because so many aspiring cooks and chefs don't realize that you can learn how to bone out a chicken, but until you do a couple hundred of them, as Chef Cheng has done, you can't hope to be great at it.

Tags said...

Anybody have a couple hundred extra chickens they're not using?