Saturday, March 22, 2008

I snort, therefore I am

Update: Trent Hendricks informs me that one of the sows farrowed 13 piglets this morning -10 survived. As of this writing I'm not sure which of the two sows has delivered first.

If you have never seen the schnazola of a very pregnant Berkshire sow (she was supposed to farrow, two days ago) you can scratch off another "must do" from your life's to-do list. This picture was taken Saturday (3/22/08) at about 3:30 PM by Christian the Apprentice during one of his trips to the barnyard.

With nostrils like these, who needs eyes?


Joseph Bayot said...

That's a great picture. Go Christian the Apprentice!

On a side note, "farrow" is my new word of the day.

Raoul Duke said...

Ain't nuttin' sweeter than a snortin' pig.