Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weep: Arthur C. Clarke dies


Author Arthur C. Clarke dies - CNN.com


Sean said...

It is a great loss to readers everywhere and humanity in general. I have been a fan of his for many years and have been inspired by his vision of the future and enthusiasm for life. I hope those who haven't had the oppurtunity to read some of his work will take his passing as motivation to read a science fiction novel like Rendevous with Rama and contemplate our place in the universe from a broader perspective.

ntsc said...

The last of the great three.
I've no idea if his 'The Deep Range' or Heinlein's 'Time for the Stars' was my first science fiction novel.

Bob del Grosso said...

"Rendevous with Rama" is a masterwork. Also "The Nine Billion Names of God" and "The Deep Range" (wink to ntsc) are personal favorites.

Scotty said...

I titled my own post "Childhood's End" and my instinct at hearing of his passing was to grab my 1972 paperback of the same name. Heck, a quote from Clarke welcomes you to my blog. But, of all Clarke's writings, the ones that have touched me the most are his short stories. I am Jewish, but "The Star" gave me chills then, and it still does now.


ntsc said...

Asimov has claimed that 'The Nine Billion Names of God' is the best sf short story ever written, and in accordance with the Asimov-Clark Treaty, Clark claimed it to be 'Nightfall'.

I think Rama (only the first one, the other's are not good) may be his finest novel, but it is so hard to choose. Unlike either Heinlein or Asimov, I can't think of any Clark only writing that I don't like, and that includes 'Glide Path'