Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another Chef Succumbs to Satan

Those of you who worship chefs are advised to remember that even though we are much smarter, cooler and more prone to understanding the nature of reality than most people, we do have our flaws. (Well, to be fair, I don't have any flaws. Unless you consider extreme hubris a negative trait.)

Some of us shoot off our mouths and throw stuff when things do not go our way, while others shoot dope and drop things . (Okay, so what if many of these end up with book deals and their own TV shows. It's still not cool to scream and shoot dope, right?)

Then there are the chefs like Robert Irvine who lie like The Old Deceiver on Allegra in order to impress their way into lucrative jobs and media appearances, while other chefs actually kill people. Does anyone remember John Sweeney, the chef who preceded Wolfgang Puck at Ma Maison, strangled 22 year old Dominque Dunne in 1982? Not much to worship in that pathetic excuse of a man, I think.

By comparison, Chef Kevin O'Connell who is accused of using his customers credit cards to pay his restaurant's bills, is a saint.

Chef Kevin O'Connell Jr. faces jail in Montana credit card thefts


The Foodist said...

with Irvines bit exposed Im sure theres going to be a media frenzy over this stuff.

Guess I better actually tell the truth on my resume... oh if anyone calls you asking for a reference, YES I did single handedly save the restaurant industry.. ok?

Charlotte said...

I remember Sweeney because my cousin and her boyfriend at the time (thankfully not the guy she married) were at dinner with them that night. The departed icky boyfriend was friends with Sweeney -- probably a coke thing. A fight broke out after dinner and my cousin got the poor girl her keys and she escaped out the bathroom window. That asshole went and killed her that night -- my cousin had to testify and she was scared to death. Ugh. So so sad. I never hear the name "Ma Maison" without thinking of that poor girl.

velvet goldmine said...

pDon't forget the Frugal Gourmet, who should have been a bit more frugal with his attentions toward the very young men in his life.

Don Luis said...

Chefs are not smarter and cooler.

It's common knowledge that technical writers get all the women (unless they're women, in which case they get all the men). There is no profession that is more worshiped.

What could me more hip than sitting in front of a computer for 12 hours a day?

I haven't left the house in months. How cool is that?

The Foodist said...

Like my shirt says Don..

"Chicks dig scrawny pale guys"

ntsc said...

Don Luis

Exactly what industry do you do technical writing in that you get all the women?

I'm a technical writer/editor in the Consumer Electronics industry and we sure haven't noticed them. And I assure you that we would all like to.

Don Luis said...

OK, I lied. I was more popular with women when I was a mechanic than I ever was as a tech writer. I was drinking at a bar, and it just came out.

Anonymous said...

It seems the people in Buffalo aren't any happier than the people in Great Falls: