Friday, February 8, 2008

Whaling ?

I cannot believe that the people of Japan or the people of any wealthy nation have such a need for meat that they would continue to sponsor whale hunts in the face of so much opposition. The Japanese whale hunt has to be about something other than nutrition or loving to eat whale meat.

My gut tells me that the hunt is seen by the Japanese government as a way to assert it's national will without being obviously militaristic. Until the International Whaling Commission decides otherwise, the only people who should be allowed to hunt whales are indigenous/aboriginal people who have trouble procuring food in other ways.


boberica said...

Heart breaking, absolutely heart breaking. that peter garret from midnight oil?

fiat lux said...

A friend of mine ate whale while in Japan last year and apparently it's delicious.... but I still have a lot of trouble with the concept. :(

Linda said...

The Norwegians also hunt whale, but a specific kind of whale. While visiting once, I inadvertently ate whale: it was described in English and German as Westphalian style ham. Not being able to read Norwegian, I didn't find out until after the fact that it was whale. It tasted like its description. A Norwegian friend told me that whale is very bland so they have to add herbs, spices, sauces, curing, etc. to it to make it taste good.

Tags said...

These folks are doing something about it

ntsc said...

Most here will not agree with me. If it is OK for the indigenous peoples to hunt whales, I see no reason that sustainable whaling is wrong, morally or otherwise.

The Japanese, however, are thumbing their noses on the authority in this situation, as are the Norwegians for all I know (for the record I am 3rd generation Norwegian along with a lot of other recent illegal immigrants). I would have no real problem if somebody lent the authority a couple of cutters.

Arthur C. Clarke (he who thought of the communication satellite) has a novel, The Deep Range, based on sustainable whaling. Well worth the read if you are into Westerns (disguised as science fiction).