Monday, February 11, 2008

This will mess you up

So artificial sweeteners may promote weight gain?

In a series of experiments, scientists at Purdue University compared weight gain and eating habits in rats whose diets were supplemented with sweetened food containing either zero-calorie saccharin or sugar. The report, published in Behavioral Neuroscience, presents some counterintuitive findings: Animals fed with artificially sweetened yogurt over a two-week period consumed more calories and gained more weight — mostly in the form of fat — than animals eating yogurt flavored with glucose, a natural, high-calorie sweetener. [Source]

Somebody hand me a tissue! I'm crying from laughter. This is the funniest thing I've heard since the 8 year-old son of a friend started calling me "Ratman" and that I should go home and get my rat suit. Then, after I laughingly told his father what his son had said, my friend advised me not to bother going home "Just stick a string up your [vulgarism redacted] and roll around in the dirt." LOL

Look, I understand that some people have bone fide clinically diagnosed medical conditions that prevent them from eating certain types of foods. But for those who have not been told by a real live Medical Doctor not to eat sugar or milk or flour or whatever: don't waste your time with substitutes for real great tasting food. Life is too short to waste eating stuff that doesn't taste good.

Eat real fat and real salt and real sugar. Don't eat more than you need to replace damaged tissue and jet yourself around through the day and you won't get fat.


citqs said...

My brother-in-law claims to have read in a medical journal about a study that shows aspartame metabolizes into formaldehyde in the liver.

So, if this is true, all the image-conscious diet beverage-drinking folks are literally preserving (or pickling) themselves from the inside-out.

Uh. Ewe.

fiat lux said...

I can tolerate some of the stuff made with Splenda, but by and large my philosophy is "I'd rather be fat than eat all those nasty chemicals".

Tags said...

Jeffrey Steingarten wrote about a study with children who ate lunch after giving children Kool-Aid. Half the kids drank it with sugar, half with aspartame.

The kids who drank the aspartame ate more calories than the kids with sugary Kool-Aid.

When did Jeffrey write this article?

October, 1992.

Tags said...

BTW, the Steingarten article was called "Murder My Sweet" and appeared in his first book "The Man Who Ate Everything."

Kanani said...

Yes, it's called "Keeping It Real."
The key of a good diet isn't substituting real fats, salt or sugars, it's limiting intake.... or not eating the whole cake by yourself, but enjoying a small slice instead.

citqs said...

@Fiat Lux:

I enjoyed a Splenda=sweetened cheesecake the other day. The fact that Splenda is derived from sugar makes it seem less insidious. I'm still scared of it, though.


Agreed, absolutely, that there is amusement value in learning that a study showed how artificial sweetners can make us fat. Though, the most compelling issue for me is learning exactly what the hell the crap is doing to our bodies and health.

I went to Google Scholar and looked up med journal info on the relationship between aspartame and formaldehyde:

Aspartame and Formaldehyde

The the few journal article summaries I scanned supported what my BIL told me (he's a board-certified surgeon at the National Naval Med Center, not too, too shabby). He is credible.


I need to read Steingarten's book. He's got a steel trap of a mind. And he's a lawyer, just like Brillat-Savarin.

Ok. I'll be surprised if anybody revisits these comments, but I just had to express myself this morning.

I was just informed that I've missed all of the McLaughlin Group. Geezus. By-By!