Thursday, February 28, 2008

News Snack

The New York Times and whoever can say whatever they want to say about how much healthier it is and how it can cure everything from alcoholism to zits, but Raw Milk is hot and getting hotter because it tastes better than pasteurized milk. Shoot, I even drink it myself and I don't much like milk.

In the New York Times

I'd love to know the reason why these thieves decided to steal this family's goats. Wouldn't you?

Thieves make off with family's essential Nubian goats

And lastly,

LONDON (AFP) — Britain's Prince Charles has banned the use of foie gras at his official residences for "personal reasons", a royal official told AFP Wednesday. [Source]

Ah, well if Prince thinks the stuff is inedible, I suppose I should not eat it either. I mean, I look up to him so; he is such a great performer. I mean, wasn't Purple Rain and that song about the red corvette too cool?


Scotty said...

So when do you change the name of this blog to The Artist formerly known as Hunger?

ntsc said...

Or change it to a non-pronoucable glyph?

raoul said...

The article said the kitchen staff couldn't "buy" foie, but I guess a gift from some French friends might work.