Friday, February 15, 2008

Weird News (Personal)

Tonight as I was driving home on the hated Pennsylvania Turnpike, Trent Hendricks (the guy who created the place where I work) called me to tell me that he'd just gotten off the phone with somebody from the Fox Network. He wanted to know if I had heard of a show called "Hell's Kitchen" and would I be up for going with him to a taping in Princeton and setting up at a booth at a farmer's market.

I was like, yeah of course I've heard of it, but other than the obvious (Very talented but angry chef capitalizes on his ability to scar the sh-t out of people to make the world pay attention to him.) I don't know anything, nor have I ever wanted to (I've never watched the show.)

But I said "sure." I mean, I'd much rather work at the farm and cook. But what was I going to say, "Nah, go yourself?" I don't think so. And who knows, maybe something good will happen.

I promise I'll take pictures.


The Foodist said...

funny thing is you watch hells kitchen, then watch Kitchen Nightmares on BBC hes a totaly different person. Of course thats the media for you, all fire and brimstone to get peoples attention.

Id like to hear how this goes

The Yummy Mummy said...

I agree. I love Gordon on his BBC show, Kitchen Nightmares - it's funny how over-wrought and crazy the American version is. The UK version focuses on the work of running a restaurant. It can be suprisingly illuminating.

Also, "Last restaurant Standing" on the BBC(about 9 foodie couples battling it out to open a restaurant with a well-known British restaurant investor) looks like it might be a fun show...

Anyway, you should definately do this - sounds like a hilarious experience. Don't forget to tell us the details!


Maryann said...

And we have "Kitchen Nightmares" here in the US as well. It should be interesting. I'd love to see photos :) I've never seen Gordon actually cook, have you? I did find a video on Youtube where he is making scrambled eggs.

Jennie/Tikka said...

I'm sure you'll be the best part of the show, BdG!

Deborah Dowd said...

Bob, this has the potential to be really *&$#in' fun! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Joseph Bayot said...


I really enjoy Gordon Ramsay's recipes he demonstrates on the f word. There are plenty of videos from that show on youtube.

He's done some great features on that show about humane animal raising, even going so far as to raise pigs and sheep in his backyard.

He seems to really have a great food sense, and obviously a talented restaurateur. His personal life with his wife and kids seems so diametrically opposed to his "kitchen personality." Kinda interesting really. Interesting enough that I've watched his videos on youtube in my spare time haha.