Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Educational Series

I am mindful of the possibility that not everyone who reads my blog likes to cook, and that even the most devoted cuisinier has the occasional need to recreate before he is confronted with the inevitability of his mise en place.

So here is a little video that is designed to show the viewer one of the ways that I screw around and fill my mind up with stupid stuff so I don't have to think about cooking.



The Foodist said...

holy crap where did you get that wind up Bender?! thats freaking awsome

Scotty said...

So, your Remy can move, and my Remy can talk. The most important difference is that my Remy is bigger than your Remy! ;-)

Trent Hendricks said...

Bob. Go make something. Seriously.

Kevin said...

Whoever it was that told you to "get a life" should have been more specific.{g}

mimi said...

dad....this is so uhm weird

boberica said...

Did you just get busted by your boss, and your child in the same blog? truly awe inspiring!

Bob del Grosso said...


Yes. And I agree that it is awe-inspiring.


Perhaps your Remy is bigger than mine (I don't know) but which one of us dresses in drag? Refresh my memory please, because I really don't remember.

Scotty said...

I've said this before Bob, there only two kinds of men in the world: Those tough enough to dress up as Julia Child, and the rest.

Talking Remy is 6" and stuffed Remy is 8.5 from toes to nose.

The Foodist said...

..now that I think about it Remi did make a better chef then Bender did.