Monday, February 4, 2008

Mississippi Pols Seek To Ban Fat People

It does not seem likely that a bill introduced by Mississippi legislators designed to penalize restaurants for serving obese people will pass. But I have to wonder where the incentive to introduce such a thing comes from. It seems like such a weird idea.

Unlike bans on smoking in public places that actually protect those who have chosen not to smoke from becoming ill via second hand smoke, a ban like this would protect no one and punish everyone involved.

Overweight restaurant patrons would be humiliated by being refused service, and restaurant owners would be forced to forfeit income from customers that collectively represent 30 % of the population of Mississippi. [You read that right. According to data gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2006 at least 30 percent of the population of Mississippi was classified as obese. ] Moreover, apart from the few people who would be shamed into eating less, such a ban would only send over-eaters to the supermarket to satisfy their appetites.

In candor, this kind of stuff makes me scratch my nearly bald head and wonder if any of it is true. It's such an inflammatory and doomed political gambit that I can't believe anyone other than Al Sharpton could have dreamed it up.

It's that stupid.

Mississippi Pols Seek To Ban Fats


The Foodist said...

its down right insanity. Considering the fact that so many restaurants struggle to BreakEven as it is it seems crazy to ban the majority (at least in the US overwieght folks are the majority.)

Youve got wonder if some elected offical is sitting in his office going, "I know, we banned people who smoke so smoking has become less popular, lets do the same for fat people!"

really makes you wonder.

oh and in Mississippi of all places?!

ntsc said...

The last time I looked Al Sharpton was in the category that wouldn't be served.

However it is legal to discriminate on the basis of medical conditions, insurance companies do it all the time.

Could be interesting.

White On Rice Couple said...

Yes, it's so crazy that someone could conjure up such a ludicrous law. If it did pass, I could see all the weight discrimination lawsuits being filed against restaurant owners.
A friends suggested a better more discreet way of handling this: make the restaurant doors much more narrow. If you can't fit into the restaurant door, you can't eat there!