Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Love You, but You Love Meat. So, bugger off!

My initial reaction to this article about how eating habits inhibit human partnering decisions by Kate Murphy in today's NY Times was to stick my fingers in my throat. But just as I was about to empty my condescension into the pot sink, I realized that I was overreacting and that I'm on board with people who won't date people who don't share the same dietary predilections.

There is no way I would agree to be intimate with someone who had a diet that was wildly divergent from my own. I've never dated anyone who did not like to eat the way I did more than once, maybe. WTH would I? Would you?

The way I see it, if someone does not like to eat most of the things that I like to eat well then, there isn't much hope that they are going to allow me to be intimate in any way that I know how to be intimate. Put simply and with obdurate bluntness, I could hang with a vegetarian or someone who refuses to eat salt, but I would not want to marry one or the other. That'd be too painful.

Tell you what though. This brief passage from the article is a prime example of how anyone who is interviewed by a reporter should ask to review the transcript of the interview before it goes to print.

Ben Abdalla, 42, a real estate agent in Boca Raton, Fla., said he preferred to date fellow vegetarians because meat eaters smell bad and have low energy.
Ben, you're kidding, right? I mean about the low energy thing.

I Love You, but You Love Meat - New York Times

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The Foodist said...

and speaking from experience you cant try to open someone up to new foods if they have a limited diet or "food rules".

Its painful as a cook to know that all the love and joy you put into your craft and the person your with doesnt want to try it...